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About us

Alice Klint and Kristin Kennemark are a violin duo. They grew up together in Västergötland, their houses only a short distance apart. Folk music was the starting point for a long lasting friendship and a musical collaboration that today is called Vågspel.


Rooted in the musical tradition of Västergötland, and with a blazing stage presence, they experiment with ‘’party polskor’’ and enchanting melodies. The core of Vågspel’s music is a tight interplay and a dance is never too far away - it might even happen on stage!


Vågspel mix traditional folk music with their own compositions. Their music is rythmical, melodic, innovative and has been described as very original. The composers are influenced by different genres such as jazz and classical music, and the music that is created has its own captivating colour.


Vågspel debut album ‘’Vågspel’’ was released in 2017.


At Folk- & Världsmusikgalan 2018, the prize ‘’Upcoming Talents’’ was won by Vågspel with the motivation:  ‘’There are many amazing upcoming talents in swedish folk music today! Young, talented, experimental and versatile musicians. This years winner definitely belongs to one of them. Young, driven and ambitious – they explore the world in a swirling fusion of playfulness and seriousness. Original and traditional in a sparkling interaction. Västergötland can really offer something special!’’


Vågspel also won the prize for Young Folkmusic Band of The Year, 2015. The jury’s motivation was: ‘’A powerful narrative in both playing and presenting, invites the audience to experience a blazing interplay.’’


The duo reached the district finals in Imagine Sweden 2016.



Alice Klint was born in Stockholm, and grew up in Falköping. From an early age she became interested in music, and started taking violin lessons at the age of seven. She is a many-sided musician who likes to explore different instruments. Composing is one of her biggest interest and a passion that has resulted in music for Vågspel, as well as choir pieces and orchestral music. Alice started her violin studies at the Music Conservatory in Falun and then continued to Malmö Academy of Music, where she now studies at the orchestra music department. Alice is a curious musician who explore the art of violin playing in many different settings and genres.

Kristin Kennemark was born in Skien, Norway and grew up in Falköping. Her family has deep connection to the musical tradition of Västergötland.

She recently lives in Örebro and studies chamber music at the university. Earlier she studied violin at the Music Conservatory in Falun. Kristin has a strong proficiency in musical interaction with others, and has been widely appreciated for her composing skills as well as an instrumentalist.